E-Commerce Business – Guide on how to start an E-Commerce Business

Living in a global world that we are today, our expectations are that things around our lives should come easy like job seeking, entertainment, communications and even having to transact business online. With lots of people all around the world patronizing online shops, there has never been a perfect time to open an online shopping store like now. To start an e-commerce business in today’s  world is very lucrative if all its requirement is available.


E-commerce is also known as electronic commerce is the transaction of buying and selling online. It covers many things I buying and selling like

  • shopping websites online for direct sales to consumers.
  • Third Party in online market place.
  • Marketing products to prospective buyers and targeted customers.
  • Doing Pre-commerce for launching new commodities.
  • External business merchandising.

Starting an e-commerce business takes a lot of time to be able to put in place and swallows a lot of resources, it’s important as a starter on e-commerce to have excess input than not to have enough to be able to finance the online business. This article helps you out on how to start a successful business online and also gives an in-depth guide on how to be better while at it. A successful e-commerce business would not only profit the owner but ease shopping stress for the buyer and also open job opportunities.

Checkings to starting an E-commerce Business

We all know how hard it may seem to start an e-commerce business from research on consumer needs, building and designing of websites, to creating awareness for your e-commerce. Well, you don’t need to worry or search for solutions for long because this article will give you an insight and all you need to know about starting an e-commerce business and making it flourish at the start.

  1. Locate target Consumers and their pressing wants. In the beginning of every business whether offline or online, it is very important after obtaining your capital sufficiently, to find the set of people that are ready to consume your products because without consumers there would be nothing like the business. As a manufacturer, intermediary or agent, your goal is to see that your business sells profitably.
  2. Find out the challenges consumers face in acquiring their desired product.
  3. Find out what is lacking in the consumer market.
  4. Research on newly released products.
  5. Be fully aware of trending commodities.
  6. Try to add more value to your goods and services.
  7. Be aware of what consumers frequently ask for and the products they mostly have a problem with.
  8. Have a store where you market or sell updated products like fashion, electronics, sports wear, real estate services e.t.c. All these are important to targeting prospective buyers to your business.
  9. Beware of Competitors. In every business setting, no matter how small always come with competitions. Before you start your business or while starting your business either online or offline you should engage in activities to promote your business or sales, in order to gain the upper-hand to that of your competitors. There are many things do that would enhance your business and gain it more customers
  10. Appropriate market surveys and channeling, learn the fastest way to reach your target customers.
  11. As a starter with a vision of business growth should have a tangible business promotion and incentives that are useful to the target consumers. A business promotion like Advertisement both on electronic and product media, with incentives like giving frequent discounts on commodities purchased no matter how small, giving away products that complement their original purchase.
  12. Selling of high-quality products at a very affordable price.
  13. Make price survey, find out prices of products sold by your competitors.
  14. Make use of email frequently which is way cheaper than print and electronic media that are highly targeted.

Business Establishment, Building, and Designing of Business Websites, Business Structure, Registration, and License.

After undertaking the above-listed requirements, then the next step is to establish your business, have its website ready, get it registered and let it have the permit to operate. The steps to go about these are listed below.

Start with your business name

While starting a new business, it is very important you give it an appealing name. This is because it helps lure prospective buyers and patronizers to your business.

Build and Design your business website

This, in particular, takes a lot to put together and may also cost you money to build, design and maintain, but you should consider it. E-commerce sites are designed the best way possible to offer you an extensive solution for selling to your online buyers.

Select your preferred business structure and get it registered

While registering your business in an appropriate business registering company, you would have to state your business structure, whether a sole proprietor, partnership, limited liability company or a business corporation. It is very vital to make the type of business structure you would want to venture into. If not it would be assumed to be a sole proprietor business which is not safe because you will get to bear all the business risk yourself, rather than in partnership where the business liabilities are shared proportionally.

Seek Application for the licensing and permits of your Business

Being an e-commerce business does not make it any different from a normal business that applies for business permits and licenses to operate without hindrance. So you are advised to apply for a permit and license before starting your business fully for the business to undergo operation legally and firmly.

Finally, you are expected to start to start marketing your commodities early to enable fast and profitable sale in the business and also stock your online store with frequent and desirable wants. Promote your merchandising website and make sure your business stays on track. You can also follow the leads of existing and well to do e-commerce business.

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