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Yahoo! Account is a based email service on the web, through the American parent Yahoo! in 1997 was launched. This platform provides four different services, three of which are for personal use that is Ad free, plus and basic and the other one is for business. Yahoo! had about 281 million users as at December 2011 and Yahoo! is also the third web-based email in the world.

yahoo mail features

The Yahoo mail classic preserved the availability of their original interface in 1997 till July 2013 in North America. Three web interface is available at any given time. A version of 2005 was included with a new Ajax interface, improved search, drag and drop, tabs, keyboard shortcuts and address auto-completion.

And other features such as one-click delete move to next and column widths were all removed, and Yahoo! therefore released a new and better version of Yahoo! mail in October 2010; which includes Facebook integration, improvement to performance and also search. It became a default interface in May 2011 and in 2012 their current webmail was introduced.

Yahoo! also stated on December 14, 2016, that over one billion users Account was been hacked in a breach that occurred back in 2013, they also announced earlier that year in September that 500 million users account was breached in 2014. The company has discovered about the breached Account which affected millions of users some years before the announcement.

As earlier stated, the mail and service come in four different configurations namely Ad-free, plus, free and business version.

Plus/Ad Free Version

Yahoo! launched another paid service in November 2011 called Yahoo! Mail Plus. The service has a $20 yearly fee and a $50 set up fee. Yahoo! Mail Plus offers several additional features, which includes:

  • 10 MB message size limit.
  • POP Access and Forwarding.
  • Archiving of email messages for offline access.
  • Option to block up to 200 addresses and add 50 filters to help screen unsolicited emails.
  • No promotional taglines in messages.
  • No account expiration.
  • Ability to send messages from Yahoo!! Mail using other email domains.
  • Up to 10 attachments per email.
  • 25 MB of email storage capacity.

Free Version

  • Email storage capacity: 1 TB.
  • Email attachment limit: 25 MB up to 100 MB via the built-in Attach Large Files app.
  • Spam and virus protection.
  • Advertising is displayed on the screen while working with the email account. Text ads are added to the footer of outgoing messages as of February 2011.
  • 100 filters to automatically sort incoming messages 200 filters for the Plus version.
  • Account expiry on inactivity: 12 months. The account cannot be retrieved.
  • Supported protocols: POP3 in Asia or via YPOPs! IMAP via IMAP proxy or via Zimbra,
  • SMPT and Mail Forwarding in some countries. US users gained free POP3 and Mail Forwarding access in 2013.

Business Version

Yahoo! Business Email is a combination of all of their email services. This service which includes 10 distinct accounts, and each of them with the same features of Yahoo! Plus, as well as email Address and a personalized domain name. Accounts can be managed by an administrator.

There is a $25 set-up fee and $9.99 monthly fee. The service includes:

  • Limit of 10 email accounts.
  • Classic Yahoo!! Mail underlines addresses and phone numbers in emails and allows the user to add them to the address book.
  • A user can pay an additional $35 per year to have up to five custom email addresses and a domain name.
  • Unlimited mail storage capacity.


Yahoo! delivers is another way which you can POP3 without subscribing for paid mails plan. Yahoo! mail Help pages offer POP the access to Yahoo! mail and as a free feature for Yahoo! members deliver and this is however applied to users in Canada only with @Yahoo!.ca as the extension of their email address. Users can access and use Free POPs and YPOPs that stimulates POP3 server in a country that their web browser accesses restriction.

Yahoo! slam policy.

Slammers often use Yahoo! mail to promote a remove my email address. And these addresses are often used to verify users address, thereby opening doors for more spam. Yahoo! does not tolerate these, therefore, they terminate any account associated and connected to scam related activities and without warning which makes scammer lose access to any Yahoo! account and services connected to their ID under terms of service.

Yahoo mail started rejecting spam reports, involving sending a copy of the spam with complete headers by email to Yahoo!’s abuse department, requesting for the use of forms instead by April 2011.

Several internet RFCs however rejected and prohibited the requirement to use forms, and there was an availability of is being required by invariants clause of RFC 2142 and this is because the domain has an MX record and a mail server. Yahoo! stated that it’s standard was better than the internet standards and it is only through this form that users can report spam or misuse of the Yahoo! email services.

How to delete a Yahoo! Account.

To delete a Yahoo! account, you will have to go to terminating Yahoo! account page. Next:

  • You will sign in your yahoo account. And note that if you see no option to cancel your yahoo account on the page and you think that you are having a BT Yahoo account, then you see below.
  • Type your password below and please confirm your identity below with your password.
  • You enter the code either audible or visual that is from the CAPTCHA over, type the code you hear or the code was shown. And also know that case does matter for the visual CAPTCHA.
  • You click terminate this account.
  • You will have to wait for 90 days before Yahoo will be able to delete data in the account such as email messages. For 3 years, data connected to a Yahoo finance premium account will be kept, and other data will also be kept.

what will happen to my yahoo account username and email address?

Your username and email address will still be available for others to use in the future and if senders still use your old email address, then they may still message that is meant for you.

What happens to emails sent to my Address after I close my yahoo account?

The sender trying to send messages to your deleted yahoo account’s address they will receive a failure message delivery. And this will start as soon as you close your account. It will show the following below: SMTP 554 delivery error: Sorry your message to *** cannot be delivered. This account has been disabled or discontinued [#102]. – mta***.mail.***

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